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Santa and The Halloween Witch

                                       Santa and the Halloween Witch
             By Valerie L. Egar

            The letter sat on Santa’s desk for days. He’d read it a few times and asked the manager of his workshop, Elf Olaf to read it, too. Never had Santa received a letter quite like it.
            Dear Santa,
            I didn’t write you a letter last year, because I thought you would know what I wanted for Christmas and I like to be surprised. Big mistake!  
You brought me a doll, dressed in an evening gown. I hate dolls.
Red boots. I don’t wear the color red.
Craft supplies to make smiley faces to hang in my window. I hate smiley faces.
Last year was a disaster, so I thought I’d better write to tell you what I would like for Christmas this year. I don’t expect everything, and I wouldn’t mind a surprise gift, but not if I’m going to hate it.  Please bring:
Green slime. Lots, please.
Bats, live ones. They will have a very good home in the attic.
Bale of cobwebs, spiders included.
Small black cauldron. (I’m not old enough to use the big one.)
 Broom with training wheels.
Craft kit to make rubber lizards.
Gummy worms.
Black cape, size 10.
Black boots. (I wouldn’t mind patent leather).
Thank you so much.
                        Garnet, Halloween witch in training
P.S. Our house is haunted, but the ghost won’t bother you.
“What do you think?” Santa asked Olaf.
“No to the bale of cobwebs. Can’t have spiders crawling into other children’s toys.”
Santa nodded.  “Yes, that would be quite a problem.” Santa read the letter again. “I suppose that means no to the bats, too.”
Olaf hung his head. “I know bats do good work, Santa, but I think they’re creepy. I don’t think any of the elves would volunteer to catch a few, even if you asked.”
Santa looked sad.
 “I’ll call the Tooth Fairy, Santa. Perhaps she can slip a bat or two under the pillow the next time Garnet loses a tooth.”
 “Great idea!” Santa looked out the window, distracted by the reindeer frolicking in the snow.  Reading the letter again, Santa tapped his fingers on his desk.
           "Can we deliver everything else on her list?”
            “I’m having training wheels put on a broom right now,” agreed Olaf. “I found a small cauldron at the back of the warehouse. A bit dusty, but Elf Mags is dusting it off.”
Santa’s eyes twinkled. “Poor little witch. She was so disappointed last year, I’d like to give her a nice surprise. What else might she want? Olaf, please find something special for Garnet.”
            Though Olaf said, “Yes, Sir!” he wasn’t convinced he was the elf for the job. He had no idea what might surprise a little witch at Christmas. He consulted with Elf Reese.
            “Do you think one of those pointy witch hats would be a good surprise?”
            Reese frowned. “Absolutely not! They went out of style YEARS ago. Only older witches wear hats. Young ones wear flowers in their hair or nothing at all.”
            “A book of fairy tales?”
            “Nothing happy in those for a witch child.  Definitely not.”
            Olaf was at a loss. He didn’t know what games Garnet might enjoy. Dolls were out. A stuffed bat or dragon didn’t seem right for a girl who wanted real bats and spiders. Santa wanted him to find a special gift and he couldn’t think of a thing.
Olaf wandered to the North Star CafĂ© for a mug of hot chocolate. “Extra whipped cream, please.”  He sat at the table and stared at his cup.
            His friend Noelle walked in. “Why so glum?”
            Olaf explained about needing a special gift for Garnet.
            “I’ve the perfect gift!” Noelle exclaimed and urged him to come out to her truck.
She opened the door. Inside was a black kitten with yellow eyes Noelle had just taken in for the North Pole Animal Shelter.

“This is Jinx,” and she’s ready to be adopted to a loving home. No better gift for a little witch than a black cat.”
And that is exactly what Garnet thought when she discovered Jinx on Christmas morning. 

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Copyright 2018 by Valerie L. Egar. May not be distributed, copied or reproduced without permission from the author.

Published December 15, 2018 Biddeford Journal Tribune (Biddeford, ME).

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